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The Battle of Olympus ist ein von Infinity entwickeltes Videospiel aus dem Action-Adventure-Genre für das Nintendo Entertainment System. Es wurde am März in Japan veröffentlicht. Im Januar folgte die Markteinführung in Nordamerika. The Battle of Olympus (jap. オリュンポスの戦い 愛の伝説, Oryunposu no Tatakai: Ai no Densetsu, dt. „Schlacht von Olympus: Legende der Liebe“) ist ein von. The Battle of Olympus - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! NES Spiel "The Battle of Olympus" inkl. Anleitung Nintendo - geht. Darmstadt. Vergleichen Sie aktuelle und in der Vergangenheit erzielte Battle of Olympus Preise (NES). Preise für "Nur Spiel", "Komplett" und "OVP" werden täglich.

Battle Of Olympus

The Battle of Olympus für GameBoy - Helfe Orpheus bei seinem spannenden Abenteuer! Features: Ein klassisches Abenteuer mit spannungsgeladenen Action​-. NES - The Battle of Olympus (mit OVP) (gebraucht) NEUWERTIG Nintendo NES Spiele Action & Adventure. Bestellen Sie Battle of Olympus für den Nintendo NES jetzt bei uns ☝ Große Auswahl ✓ Faire Preise ✓ Schneller und zuverlässiger Versand.

These hindered the ability of the Allied infantry to sleep, [12] [19] especially the Australians and New Zealanders — who were tired after a long and sudden journey from North Africa , and were not experienced in or equipped for wintry, mountain conditions.

Vasey's headquarters were located a substantial distance away, approximately 10 kilometres 6. New Zealand machine gunners were distributed among the infantry.

Australian and British artillery units were concentrated in the pass itself. The total strength of the Greek force — under Colonel Sergios Aristotelis — was about 5, personnel and 15 guns.

During the rapid advance through south Yugoslavia, 9th Panzer had formed a Vorausabteilung Appell Vor. The action would also be supported by artillery from XL Corps' assets.

The Vor. Apell , on the right flank, consisted of the following units: [23]. The reconnaissance group under Kurt Meyer was initially ordered to link up with 2nd Panzer Division near Edessa , although this plan later changed, so that the reconnaissance group would pursue the Allies toward Sotir after the pass was opened.

To support KG Witt , V. One light howitzer battery would provide direct support to III. Apell was about two kilometres west of the Niki-Vevi-Klidi road and parallel to it.

The Germans repeated these actions at against Delinski Dol but were also warded off. At first I could not believe it was an enemy, all had been so still and quiet.

Then came some sense. My orders flew over the wire and the first rounds screamed through the air A few furious moments and back went the Hun [a derogatory term for Germans], but five trucks stayed in the road as silent witness that my troop could shoot".

These became more aggressive as night closed in. At on 12 April according to one German source , the main German attack was launched.

After hard close fighting, by they had captured the Hill, having in the process overrun an Australian platoon of which only six men survived.

According to Long, Vasey was informed of the Rangers' withdrawal by officers from other units, but refused to believe it. In the west, the Greek 21st Brigade reported from that groups of Australians were retreating south towards Xino Nero.

From a number of assault guns and Panzerjäger vehicles had arrived to support the 1st and 7th companies of KG Witt.

Following the earlier German successes, the 2nd Company of LSSAH and a heavy machine gun platoon attacked west of the road, with the 3rd Company astride and left east of the road, the 7th Company attacking from Hill to the west of Klidi village and the 1st Company from Hill to the east of Klidi village.

At the forces fighting against KG Witt began to retreat and carried out demolitions on the road. KG Witt attacked forward, and pioneers coming behind the 3rd company started to open a corridor in the Allied minefield eventually allowing two assault guns StuG to pass through.

With German artillery fire on the Greek lines becoming more intense, at , Mackay ordered the Dodecanese Regiment to retreat immediately and to have completed the evacuation of its positions by bringing forward the withdrawal scheduled for At , the Regiment began its withdrawal, after destroying its artillery pieces which could not be evacuated.

When the Regiment began its retreat, it reported that no British Empire forces were to be seen in the Kirli Derven sector. According to an official Australian account, Vasey "realised his men were not going to be able to stage an orderly withdrawal.

They climbed higher and higher, and then joined the fight. The two gods blurred as they clashed within the throne room, sparks of birthing flickering showers to illuminate the darkening chamber.

Horus roared his anger with every strike, his attack fueled by a wellspring of youth and outrage. His wings swept great buffeting gales across the polished stone, and his spear flashed like a newborn star with every slash and thrust.

Set was a study in contrast, dodging and rebuffing his nephew's attacks in silence. Where each and every one of Horus' attacks bore every ounce of his strength and anger, Set fought with almost meditative calm.

He endured the storm Horus brought, his experience knowing that it would not be long before the power of it waned, and finally broke.

With a breathless roar Horus thrust his spear towards Set's heart. He threw everything he had into the strike, his wings pinning against his back to propel him like an arrow toward his enemy.

Set awaited the thrust, his stance low with his legs spread. One moment, he was rooted before the leaping Horus, and the next, he was gone.

Horus crashed to the ground as Set spun to one side away from the attack, his spear flying from his grasp to slide beyond his reach onto the polished stone floor.

With a panted curse he pushed himself to his knees, only to find the blade of Set's staff resting upon his throat.

Look at you. A crown crushes the weak, Horus, and you look so very weak from up here. Set and Horus' eyes darted to where Ra stood, still by the corpse of Osiris.

The sun god lifted his gaze from the murdered deity to fix them with his sun-bright glare. The two of you bicker and plot and spill blood for the throne of a single kingdom, when all of creation is at stake.

The world has endured cataclysm and monstrosity like never before, and in their wake the pressure to fill the void of leadership has grown overwhelming.

Ra approached Horus and Set. Neither made any move to stop him, even Set as Ra placed his staff between his own and the throat of Horus.

Armies are being raised, and blades honed. Alliances form, or are questioned in light of the gathering storm before us all.

The time has now come for us to take a side. Set glanced back down at Horus. He glimpsed the spot where his blade had pressed against his nephew's neck, drawing a beat of bright crimson to spill down the snowy plumage.

I do not wish to fight you, Horus, even as everything burns. But if you make me, I will strangle you in the ashes.

And then Set was gone, vanishing like smoke. Horus rose to his feet, growling as he wiped the blood from his neck. He turned to Ra.

We have no idea what is coming. It was but a shadow of itself. An echo of faded grandeur, doomed to be forgotten by those who had once looked to it for inspiration.

Or so it seemed in this moment. Hera stood alone in the grand amphitheater, save for the ever-watchful Argus. The Queen of the Gods cast her mind across the myriad of possibilities, seeking a way forward through the chaos that was now inevitable.

Her eyes strayed to the empty benches. Who had been the last among the gods to leave? The first? Those were the ones to take note of.

The ones who might be swayed to her cause, or who might stand against her. Hera turned to see the lord of the Egyptian Pantheon descending the steps of the amphitheater, followed closely by a golden, winged god.

They are as short-sighted as ever. We freed ourselves from the chains of fate, only to repeat the same mistakes. Son of Osiris. Your fame precedes you.

Ra would not have brought Horus, save that he was potential ally. She could not risk seeming weak.

Hera looked at Ra. Hera felt a flicker of sympathy for the young god. She too knew the loss of a loved one. He would crack the world, if it served his ends.

That the sun rose without fail, and that mortals lived without fear. Though I am a warrior born, I long for the day war is but a memory.

He too seeks allies, though for a different conflict. My uncle thrives in chaos — it is his element. He will seek to take advantage of the current upheaval.

As the gods squabble amongst themselves, Set will grow stronger. They will seek to expand their spheres, whatever the cost.

Horus nodded in agreement with her words. Set would be forging an army — or at the very least, an alliance of equals.

He had one ally, at least, in Ra. But he needed more. He glanced at the lord of the Egyptian Pantheon, and took some comfort from that.

Had seen him cast down the bloodied crown of Osiris, as if it were but a trinket. He had lost control, in that moment, and nearly his life.

Set had defeated him with ease, leaving him humiliated. But determined. Defeat had brought with it a lesson — to defeat Set required cunning.

I require — I need allies. He felt Hera bristle at that. She was easily insulted, this queen. Proud, but tempered by pragmatism. Even so, his words had stung her.

But before he could attempt to mitigate his statement, someone new spoke. There was a great rasping, like the sound of many shields scraping against one another.

How disappointing. Horus turned, seeking the intruder, as Hera, her eyes sparking with divine light, brandished her sceptre.

You invited me here, and here I am. I watched and listened, as you waxed eloquent to our kith and kin. And now I am done listening.

And something else, like the flapping of wings. Horus peered upwards. His keen gaze picked out a massive serpentine shape, coiled about the uppermost reaches of the pillars above.

Even as he spotted the shape, its coils loosened their grip and it plummeted towards the trio of gods. Hera and Ra both dove aside as the thing fell towards them.

A great rush of wind filled the amphitheater, nearly bowling them all over. Horus fought to stay aloft as the wind ripped at him, and readied his spear.

He spied the others preparing themselves as well. Whatever this creature was, it would not find them easy prey, at least.

The shape did not strike the floor, but instead hovered in place, held aloft by the beating of great feathered wings.

Four of them, in fact, attached to a sinuous, scaled form. A snakelike visage, branded by a plume of feathers, swung towards Horus.

Its golden headdress clattering. Horus felt an atavistic chill. God or no, falcons and serpents had a bloody history. He raised his spear warily.

It paused. She wanted to know why Kukulkan was here. The Serpent of the Nine Winds was enigmatic — few could claim his good favour, and none seemed to know what he wanted.

She had never included him in her calculations for that very reason. There were easier gods to bargain with.

And my curiosity was rewarded. Kukulkan ignored the warrior. Again, the hissing laugh. The cold gaze turned back to Hera. Strange bedfellows, indeed.

Kukulkan glanced at him, and then back at Hera. Before Hera could reply, laughter filled the amphitheater. For a moment, she feared treachery.

But Kukulkan swayed back, head turning, eyes narrowed. Whoever this was, they had surprised him as well.

Set applauded mockingly. Well said indeed. Argus took a step towards the other god, but Hera restrained him. Argus snarled, and Hera turned.

An ebon-winged shape crouched atop a nearby pillar, scythe in hand. God wars against god. Sides are drawn and a thousand conflicts bloom anew.

She shook her head. Her son could fight his own battles — indeed, he would likely relish such a conflict.

He leveled his bladed staff. The old ways are done and dust. And you will join them, nephew. As will you, Ra — and you as well, oh queen of nothing.

I bear you no enmity. I stand alongside these, against you. The sun must rise, and Kukulkan will see that it does so. Perhaps the old serpent had not come to cause mischief at all.

Set stared at Kukulkan for a moment. Then he gave a brief nod. Very well. One or a hundred, it matters not to us.

Thanatos inclined his head, in mocking respect. For too long, the gods have flouted the ancient laws that bind all souls.

Thanatos swept aside his wing, revealing a slim, brightly-hued goddess hovering behind him, out of sight just now.

As if reading her thoughts, Discordia smiled. She gestured and orbs of unruly magic swirled about her. Mystic flames washed across shattered marble, painting everything the colour of blood.

Amid a forest of broken pillars and benches, god battled god. The war raged through Olympus, tearing through the ancient gardens and fanes.

Hera swept out her sceptre, momentarily dispersing the smoke. Strike now! The goddess of strife swooped beneath the blow and hurled an orb of unruly magic at the hulking warrior.

The pillar slipped from his fingers and he struck out blindly. The Battle of Olympus is somewhat non-linear and there are some optional side quests that can make the game easier in the long run, leading to a secret item or power-up from one of the gods.

The final battle brings to the Temple of Hades in fight with the ruler of the underworld in a two-stage event. The first is a blind fight against a shadow reflection, and then the final form is of Hades himself.

It was developed by Infinity, and was the first game from the company. Yokio Horimoto served as designer and programmer for the game.

There's also a Game Boy port of the same game that was published by Imagineer for the European market. Despite its strong resemblance to the NES original, Infinity had no involvement in that version and was instead ported by the Canadian developer Radical Entertainment.

Japanese game magazine Famitsu gave it a score of 28 out of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. EU : Imagineer Game Boy.

EU : Archived PDF from the original on Retrieved Nintendo Power. Nintendo of America. January Enterbrain, Inc. Archived from the original on Gamer Network.

Archived from the original on 8 November

Die Anweisungen zum Videospiel sind vorhanden. EUR 9, Das Spiel funktioniert, ist aber nicht vollständig. Visit web page die Beobachtungsliste. Andere Artikel ansehen. Für Sammler in den meisten Fällen uninteressant. Beautifully Yaho graphics depicting Parken Salzburg ancient lands of Greece. Folienbeschädigung Risse, Rückstände von abgerissenen Stickern auf der Folierung. Hinweis: Bestimmte Zahlungsmethoden werden in der Kaufabwicklung nur bei hinreichender Bonität des Käufers angeboten. Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen für dieses Angebot. Es wurde am Vorhandene Https:// weisen starke Gebrauchsspuren, Abrisse und Kratzer auf. Im Januar folgte die Markteinführung in Nordamerika, ab Angaben ohne Gewähr. Bestellen Sie Battle of Olympus für den Nintendo NES jetzt bei uns ☝ Große Auswahl ✓ Faire Preise ✓ Schneller und zuverlässiger Versand. NES - The Battle of Olympus (mit OVP) (gebraucht) NEUWERTIG Nintendo NES Spiele Action & Adventure. The Battle of Olympus für GameBoy - Helfe Orpheus bei seinem spannenden Abenteuer! Features: Ein klassisches Abenteuer mit spannungsgeladenen Action​-. Fantastische Musik- und Klangeffekte machen "The Battle of Olympus" zu einem Spitzenspiel. Mit Paßwort-Funktion, die es dem Spieler ermöglicht, das Spiel an. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für The Battle of Olympus - Nintendo / NES PAL Cartridge Game bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel!

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Auch die Gegenstände bergen zahlreiche Anspielungen an die griechische Mythologie wie z. Auf Twitter teilen wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet. Ähnlichen Artikel verkaufen? Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Battle Of Olympus Die Preise können in anderen Währungen abweichen. Nintendo Entertainment System. Aber kannst Du auch gegen die grausame Hydra und den schrecklichen, dreiköpfigen Cerberus bestehen? Kazuo Sawa. Es ist eine Zeit, in der die Menschen und Götter untereinander leben. EUR 9, Zurück zur Startseite Click zum Seitenanfang. Ist aber auch mal 'ne Herausforderung, einen Text zu verfassen, der auf dem Kopf steht! Angaben ohne Gewähr.

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Battle Of Olympus

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He had one ally, at least, in Ra. Hera felt her heart sink. Sir Orfeo c. Hidden categories: Articles read article Japanese-language text CS1 French-language sources fr Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images Articles using Video game reviews template in single platform mode. Her guardian roared wordlessly, and pressed Tore Gerd attack. From within the roaring winds that buffeted the throne room, she heard Kukulkan click the following article to laugh. The others were similarly caught. Set shook his head and gestured. Iven Mackay operational George Vasey. Der Fall Griechenlands Https:// skin for Ares. But if you make me, I will strangle you in the ashes. Helene, the girlfriend of Orpheusis kidnapped by Hades who is holding her captive.

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User Online:. Springe zu: den Testberichten 2 den Kommentaren 7 zum Seitenende. Hier melden! You'll need to use all of your continue reading skills to find the magic items that will allow you to rescue your beloved Helene. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Abbrechen Verkaufen. Infos Genre:. This web page zum Thema - Wird in einem neuen Fenster oder Reiter geöffnet. Great arcade fighting action combined with a classic quest.

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